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I've kind of been digging to find some of my earlier stuff (from around 4 years ago which, believe me, is pretty shocking). For one, I appreciate the support that everyone has shown with my writing, even if it wasn't stellar at times, or the ideas stale. For another, it's kind of cool to see how things have changed since them. This is probably the fourth or fifth public thing I wrote back then (I had been doing private stories though it was up to the buyer whether or not they wanted it posted). I don't remember off-hand who they were, but if you've been reading others for awhile there are definitely influences from other writers over the years.

Anyway, hope you like this older work! If you're interested in stories similar to this or have any ideas, drop by my Patreon page ( or drop me a message on here with your ideas! Always glad to have something extra swimming around the ol' noggin.


I was sitting at the kitchen table one day, working intensely on the daily crossword when I heard the padding of feet on the tiled floor.

"Daddy, do you think I should be a bodybuilder?"

I turned in my seat to face my 13-year old daughter, Mina, who was asking the question.  She looked very serious about it, and waited intently for an answer.  To say yes wasn't completely out of the question: she had been doing gymnastics for years and was already very muscular, more so than any of the girls on her team, and even some of the boys that trained there as well, but she wasn't huge, just very dense with a little bit of size.  

"What makes you ask that, honey?"

She looked at her bare toes, then up again. "Well, some boys at school, like some of the football players, got mad at me in gym class because I beat them at pull ups again and started making fun of me…they called me a freak and a little bodybuilder!"

I had never asked, nor cared, really, what went on in gym class, as long as she was happy in school and performed well.  Ever since her mother had left us she knew that would be a great comfort to me, so she usually took care of the routine stuff on her own.  This development intrigued me, because she never really brought home any serious issues.

"They're just jealous, Mina….bullies will always find fault where there is none. But how many did you do, anyway? Sounds like you schooled them!"

"Well, I did about 35 overhand pull ups, with great form! Coach would have been proud.  They only did about 10, the most any one else got out was 15."

That was impressive. Ridiculous, really. 35 perfect pull ups? And I knew, for a fact, that she only did them perfectly as I had seen her work them at home and in practice, in different varieties: over hand and underhand grips, L-pull ups, with weights dangling between her legs, even on the rings her pull ups were rock solid.  

"Wow, nice job! Well, I don't know Mina… you think you could be a bodybuilder? Would you want to do something like that?"  Personally, I was unsure of what path this could possibly take. All of the notions I had of female bodybuilders were pretty negative, though I had friends who would try and convince me otherwise and had shown me photos of pretty appealing women who were clearly not roided up.

"Well that's why I'm asking you, Daddy! I mean…I'm pretty muscular already…do you want to see my arm muscle?"

Before I could answer she had already rolled up the sleeve of her t-shirt and flexed her right arm. What I saw absolutely blew my mind.  Though I wasn't ripped or huge by any means, I did spend a fair amount of time in the gym (I had to, to keep up with her) and understood the tenets and various training methods of bodybuilding, how to achieve certain results and what not.  There were even a few bodybuilders at the gym that I went to so, between those and the photos my friends had seen me, I had a fair idea of what a bicep should look like on an adult woman.

And yet, there sat the bicep of an adult woman on a 13-year old girl.  Perfectly shaped and proportioned, save for the fact that it was huge, and probably around 14" in circumference.  It was more bunched up than elongated, shaped in a ball that had a pretty fair peak.  She wasn't very tall, and therefore had pretty short limbs…the muscle took up most of her upper arm, and didn't leave much room between the muscle and her thick forearm. There were a couple of veins on that area, one of which snaked to the crevasse that formed between her bicep and crooked forearm and went up and over her peaked bicep. It was only slightly elevated, and puffy, and disappeared into her sizable deltoid and under her shirt.  I was floored.

"Mina, wow honey, that looks amazing! I think you could be a bodybuilder if you wanted….you certainly look like one now….have you been lifting weights?"

"A little," she nodded, "I've been getting pretty strong too, though there aren't heavy enough weights at gymnastics to get me really bulky. I've actually been practicing some poses since I got home….do you want to see?" she asked, as she started to take off her over-large t-shirt.

Apparently I would have to see, regardless of my answer. And for the second time in 5 minutes I was stunned to see what happened next.  As she took off her shirt she revealed that she had on a bikini underneath that showed a very large amount of skin.  But it wasn't the bikini (or lack thereof) or skin I was worried about--it was what was underneath that made me gasp.  

I don't know when the transformation occurred, or how it went through without me noticing it, but believe me when I say that she could have walked on stage at any competition in the world and given many, many older more seasoned women a run for their money.  Her huge arm had a twin, and both hung at her sides at 13" relaxed.  the profile of huge triceps jutting out from the sides.  Her Triceps almost connect with her lats, which were easily seen from the front, big enough that her arms almost rested on them.  Her abs, ripped from hundreds of hours of gymnastics conditioning, were a clearly cut 8-pack even at rest, with no tapering of definition at the bottom, where the two muscles disappeared into her baggy sweats, or at the top, where they were met, very briefly, by two smallish breasts, then two slabs of meat that were her pectorals, and worthy of the name.  

The crease of her muscle cleavage was pencil-deep, starting at the top of her sternum and continuing down until it reach a tributary where the muscles separated, giving them the shape of a rounded square.  They weren't completely flat, and had a convex curve to them that was impressive, especially at rest.  Her shoulders were mounds slightly smaller than softballs, with a couple of cuts along the rounded shape, which connected to traps that were huge and triangular in shape.  She looked insanely powerful, and every bit the bodybuilder the kids at school thought she should be.

"I like all the upper body poses, but I'm going to start with my favorite, the double bicep."

She reached over her head and brought her arms down into the classic pose, her biceps both exploding into incredible shape, the other muscles in her body tensing to match.  She hit the pose perfectly, not awkwardly, as if she had been practicing for years and not hours.  I quickly got up from my chair, and told her to hold the pose and retrieved the tape measure from the junk drawer. Pulling it quickly, I wrapped it around each arm of my jacked daughter and found each to be 15" around!  I went behind her and the tape dropped from my hands as I beheld an impossible chiseled back, which creases and valleys that looked professional. It was stupid wide, and her peaks looked even better than they did from the front.  She had some incredible expansion because, though she was pretty big unflexed, she was almost disproportionate when she did flex.  

She then lowered her arms and moved into the side chest. As she stuck her arms far out in front of her her chest bulged, the muscles converging to form a deeper cleavage.  She brought her arms back and her right bicep exploded out, the vein going from puffy and noticeable to thick and even more noticeable and she flexed.  Her deltoid went from smooth and big with one or two cuts to completely shredded, growing a little bigger because of the flex.  Her chest, though, was the monument of this flex.  Her opposite pec was arched and thick, nearing an inch deep.  She wasn't cheating the flex by turning her body to expose surface area--no, I was viewing the muscle from the side and it was enormously thick for any woman.  It pushed out her top, straining the tie behind her neck.  Again the pose was perfect.  She relaxed the flex, turned to face me and put her arms behind her waist, and flowed gracefully into a front lat spread.  

The literally thousands of pull ups she had done over the years had done their job, as her back flared like a cobras head, exaggerated even more by her tiny, cobblestoned waist.  Her chest flexed and the muscle shifted upward, both plates striated.  I walked behind her again and witnessed that her back was in fact so wide that it had moved behind her arms…they were resting on her lats! Mind blown, I walked back in front of her and watched as she relaxed again.

"Okay, Daddy, I'm going to do a most muscular now…so don't be scared!"

"Scared of what, honey…oohhhh holy crap!"

She ground into a most muscular and every muscle in her upper body exploded, her pecs growing an inch deep, her biceps and shoulders huge in every way, and incredibly defined.  She hit the pose a second time and everything seemed to get even bigger! A vein pushed its way out on her forehead and I could tell that she was really giving it all she had.  She released the flex and stood up straight, breathing heavily, even a little sheen of sweat was starting to appear.  

"Mina….when did you get so muscular? I've never seen you like this before!"

"I dunno Daddy…I mean I always had muscle from gymnastics but after I started lifting weights they got even bigger, really fast…like, I only started a year ago and I got really strong!"

Damn…only a year? That was amazing.

"Well…I mean you seem to really know the poses already and such, and you could definitely go toe to toe with any woman I've ever seen…"

"That's what I was thinking! I really want to compete soon! I even looked up a show…there's one in 3 weeks, and another the week after! Please, Daddy??!!"

I sighed. I wasn't going to be able to deter her from her goal.

"Sure honey, lets go sign you up for that show…"

She clapped her hands and giggled, and started to run over to me when suddenly her bikini top detached and floated to the ground.  Before she could cover up, which took a good amount of time it seemed, I got a glimpse of what she was underneath.  What I had thought was breast tissue was, in reality, pec that had been resting in the cup of her bikini top and, when released, actually had no droop whatsoever.  Only then did she cover up her nipples and awkwardly shifted on her feet, her pecs twitching and rolling with every movement.  

"Well…now that you saw this…I mean, I was gonna do it on my own, but now I guess I'll tell you. I was going to compete in the women's division in the first show….but I was going to register for the second one on my own and compete with the guys! Like, I've seen all the guys in the past that have done the show and I think I could win! I'll even cut my hair!"

Stunned, I didn't know what to think.  I don't think this had ever been attempted anywhere and my 13-year old girl wanted to try it.  The thing of it was, though, that she was probably right.  

"Mina….go upstairs and grab one of my polo shirts and a baseball cap and put them on, but put your hair under the cap!"

Her eyes widened and she raced upstairs to find the clothes and returned in a couple of minutes wearing one of my polos.  She filled it like I had bought it for her, not only with the breadth of her shoulders but with the thickness of her chest and arms.  With the hat on….she could totally pass for a really young, short teenage boy.  

"Ok. Ok. You've already worked so hard and you obviously like it so yes, Mina, you can do both shows, but under one condition!"

"Yayayay daddy THANK YOU! But what's the catch?"

"Well, we're going to show those guys at school what you're really made of. How much can you bench?"

"Hmmm…well I've done 260 for a couple of reps at gymnastics…thats all the weight they have there. I can do 225 for a bunch of reps too, though!"

Holy shit. How had she gotten so strong??

"Um….ok well, heres the plan:…." and I pulled her close and started whispering in her ear.

The next day at school Mina went to the school gym after classes were over, knowing that the boys who made fun of her were going to work out there.  She changed into some board shorts and that same polo, plus the hat, set up the bench and started warming up.  When she knew they were about to come in she loaded the bar to 225 and started a set. it was perfectly timed: the three boys walked in on their way to the locker room.  She could hear them whispering, wondering who it was that was benching 225 with such ease.  She completed 15 solid reps and then pretended to slow down, did 4 more at that fake speed, and then pretended to really struggle, and threw in some grunts for good measure.

"A little help??" she grunted.

It took all three of the boys to "help" her rack the bar. She sat up quickly to hide her face and was hunched over for a little.

"Geez man, that was really impressive…I haven't seen you around here, are you planning on trying out for the football team?"

She shook her head, panting heavily.

"Why not? You're strong as hell, you'd make a great linebacker!"

"I can't," she whispered, "because I'M A GIRL!"

She jumped up and spun around and took off her had, allowing her long hair to flow down.

"You jerks made fun of me yesterday, you said I was a freak and a bodybuilder so, you know what? that's what I'm gonna be," she said as she went into a double bicep pose, her arms pumped from the bench workout reaching nearly 16" in circumference.  

The three boys were stunned and stood there stammering.

"Not only am I gonna win this women's show in a couple of weeks, I'm going to win the mens show the week after that. And you know why?," she asked as she relaxed her pose and grabbed the top of her shirt. She pulled down and easily tore the shirt in two, making it almost into a vest.  Her chest could be clearly seen underneath, pumped more from her ire than from her workout, over an inch deep at this point.

"Because I'm bigger than you, stronger than you, and better than any boy out there.  I even have a better chest than you guys! I'm awesome."

She walked over to the leader and grabbed his belt buckle and slowly picked him up with one arm until he was suspended over her head.

"And if you ever call me a freak again, you're gonna pay for it."

With that, she dropped him to the matted floor, stripped her torn shirt off and laid down on the bench again, and started pumping out more reps again. She easily reached 15 and paused, turned to wink at them, and continued with another 15 reps before she finally re-racked the weight.  She got up again, looking more pumped than ever and hit a double bicep, her arms peaking over 16 inches, and then crunched into a massive crab flex.  One guy fainted, another jizzed his pants, and the other stood, agape.  

"That should shut them up," she thought, as she strutted confidently to a locker, pulled out some underarm our, and pulled it over her massive torso.  Her pecs were so pumped that they pushed it out far enough that the fabric didn't even touch her abs, but was skin tight everywhere else.  She walked to the door, and grabbed the handle with one hand, turned around and hit a bicep shot with the other.

"See ya, boys", she said with a wink as the fabric around her arm started to tear audibly.

She went home and up to her room, and looked at herself in the mirror.  She would be 14 soon and was already more muscular than anyone in town. She could totally win both shows.  She bounced her pecs a bit in her tight shirt, the front tails dancing up in down revealing parts of her abs.  She held one flexed, and punched each of them with one fist….there wasn't even a difference in hardness!  She was so excited to do the show, and peeled off her shirt to reveal her male-shaming physique.  She looked at her still pumped pecs and decided that she wanted to see them even more pumped…she had so much energy! She dropped and did push ups until she could do no more, finishing 852 before her arms were exhausted, then performed 70 push ups using only her pecs!
She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.  Her pecs stood proud and strong, without any droop, and were 2 inches deep relaxed.  From the front they were squarish in shape, and connected with all the other muscle groups around them.  The outside of her pecs actually hung over her armpits a little because they were so pumped.  Her shoulders and arms were also pumped from all the push ups and she flexed one bicep--the peak rose up and up, finishing halfway up her beefy forearm at 16.5 incredible inches. She was ready.

Three weeks later she walked away with a sweep, winning her division of 15 girls and the overall title, as well as best poser and best biceps awards.  She had been pumping iron hard for 3 weeks, and the last week was no different, save for that she lifted even heavier. By the time she showed up on stage pretending to be a man her arms were 14" unflexed and nearly 16.5" flexed.  She won that show too, before someone realized that she was actually a teenage girl, and was allowed to keep her win.  Both shows were large and well-known, and her wins qualified her for competition for her pro-card in national shows in both gender divisions.  

The future was hers!
An older work, from 2011, when I was still kind of testing the waters. Let me know what you think, and definitely let me know if you think you've read it, would be neat to see who's been around.
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cockpuncher44 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
Great story! Probably one of my favorites ever!
FP909 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
Thanks man I appreciate that!
southbendcarp Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
A sequel would be very welcome! Excellent story!
rogerogerson Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
This is somewhat inspirational,
merci pour l'sharage

the lack of some grander arc,
some less political satire or element to the discussion...
that is what emerge over time - though we can all be guilty moreso of the Lolita aspect,
or of 2D vs 3D - and certainment, it is much better to have some
escapism than some agendas ala sousterrain.

The work at hand, it is like Morpheus or Mamabliss or Readyart or BustArtist or BigGals,
it is at that level we have here -
just enough balance of pace to expositions.
The avoidance of some cliche is also excellent, though is this not a pastiche?
a weaving of some inspirational works... elements feel familiar - an exegesis to this would be super.

The dialogue, it have some high authenticity,
the situations? awesome.
the script read well, and is very clear in visuals, striking a fine balance between
"bauhaus"/minimalism (space for the reader to imagine), and 'painting some picture with words".

The only problem?
I am left... by the end,
wondering what the character may do next -
and that is the hallmark of some good fiction -
to build and foreshadow a sequel.
I wonder what situations the character have, or what psychology now unfolds... is this the path to 'matriarchal femdom"?
does the protagonist, does she-LGBTI, does she flirt with now the "darkside" some bad juju?
This is a problem that all GTS/FMG suffer, and a lack of sustained universe, or bildungsroman in this genre is regrettable.
It is similar to Superman, l'Ubermensch ala Siegel et Shuster,
who was demi-deity, who had to have kryptonite and special logic to make some stories happen for a long time...
until perez or moore came to make more complexities, Byrne be damned (not a fan).
or, Tank Girl... who reach a power plateau, and 90s nonchalance plateau ala Daria.

if some feedback be,
there would be a request for more verisimilitude in the thought-process of the character-
more verisimilitude in how the character she react to the situations, and how she handle thing from there...
as opposed to the present, "cheesy soap opera'/"hollywood" style which proliferate much of the GTS/FMG/BE sousterrain (owing ostensibly to the B-grade pornagrapheur director, who tell a story a particular way, which influence much of the genre).

Why are the measurement so important in the genre?
also, the sense of scale... these two are critical, and to some outsider, they doesn't understand the appeal of measurement or description-
many reader from inhouse, and who we peer review this entry,
they feel broken out of the pace, as they cannot visualise what such measurement look like - to them, who read mainly other genre,
the measurement are as Treknobable, or magikrealisme, expositions which break the fourth wall
(yet, I understand well in the genre as to why such things need to be, so as l'lecturer know well how a picture unfold,
what approximate dimensions a character have etc., its a thing unique to the genre)
maybe, there is a reason why measurement is given as much? it is a character, who is greedy wallstreet trader who know the measurement and value of everything, or a scientist who obsess with detail... this is why the narration is so?
what might the text look like as by EAPoe, WBYeats, SylviaPlath, Virginia Woolf, Angela Carter, Ursula le Guin...
those may be window into a psyche and provide some reflectment and ideas innovations?
Bon Chance,
and you inspire well many in the genre!
Merci pour l'sharage.
FP909 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
Thanks for the feedback. This was an early work of mine and I didn't know if I was going to continue at that point. However this may be the next thing I revisit, since I did leave it open ended!
rogerogerson Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
ce sera une aspect fascinant deux, puis.
A sequel happen? excellent
it is fortunate you persevere to continue to inspire and share some awesome.
sheldor73 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
You have a lot of time on your hands don't you? Why would you think an fmg story written for fun would be like the work of the late 1890's to early 20th century writer William Butler Yeats?
rogerogerson Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
mon anglais dans la circonstance me échoue
je parle creole, mon francais/anglais me manque...

pour vos commentaires sur notre rétroaction,
Parce que je vous écris une thèse sur ce genre souterrain,
parce qu'elle ne constitue pas une comparaison injuste de faire, comme cette histoire est excellente.
Parce que nous nous efforçons également de faire un meilleur contenu ...
en savoir plus sur les Lilliputiens, ou plusieurs autres GTS de genre sous la littérature / fmg,
et peut-être que vous arrivez à un tableau similaire de solution.
Nous donnons humblement quelques commentaires en guise de remerciement, pour une excellente histoire faite.
indeed, we have some time us both,
and we both enjoy some of this subterrains, = )

what vivid pictures painted here in words, no?
merely, some feedback was made, which was overwhelmingly of constructive criticism,
and positive.
after all - it is work such as this which inspire others - a hallmark of some art, which make art-ripple.
It is not too far a stretch to suggest the work at hand is as excellent as some other literary works,
and so as the OP request, we provide in thanks some feedback and ideas for to explore.

Ohanrahan was somewhat gigantic, and can be interpret as a massive female...
yet, there are more to the Dark Tower set, and ballad...
also, the proposal to eat some irish children... there were some giantess and strong women reprisal in a draft.
these description are somewhat a similar phrasing - that pentameter, a flow...
which we can see here also, if one dare read this aloud.

We both agree to disagree, and let each other alone in good stead?

|the touche l'espirit,
is that for some enhance verisimilitude, perhaps some poetic device could be explore?
in a quest we all make for veritae, for some character who leap from pages to entertain.
perhaps some other avenue, ala bildungsroman?
the path less travel, l'nuevo frontier.|
iceman75 Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I loved reading this again, I first saw it when you put it out originally, so awesome to see such a young girl get those big, ripped muscles and love to show them, and the strength that she had behind them off!
LordDaroth Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is AWESOME!
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