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Meghan's eyes snapped open as the alarm clock blared at her from across the room. Today was the first day of soccer practice and she wanted  it to go perfectly. Meghan, freshly eighteen as of that summer, was a senior in high school and a budding soccer player, but just on the edge of scholarship consideration for several schools, according to the scouts. She had been prepping all summer for her final year of high school sports and hoped that her training had paid off.

It was a Saturday practice and she had set her alarm earlier than normal so she could freshen up and have a good meal before spending most of the day going through drills. As she dressed, puling her shin pads up onto her legs and throwing on her practice uniform, she thought about all of the hard work she had done during the last few months. Most of it had been weight training--the biggest knock on her was that even though she was tall-ish, about 5'8", and had lots of skill, she didn't quite have the size to bang around with the older, larger college players. Even five pounds of muscle advantage against her could turn into a lost challenge or worse, a goal.

She had of course continued all her skill work as she watched the numbers on the scale rise. She didn't feel heavier, particularly. Maybe faster, though she hadn't tested it, and she only really had her own eyes to tell her what was happening; which, of course, is a double edged sword when you see yourself daily and you don't quite see the dramatic changes that another observer might. Many of her friends had traveled and she found that she was spending most of her time training anyway but figured it was for the best. Her friends would still be there in the fall, but the scholarships might not roll in if she was lazy.

She grabbed her cleats and went downstairs and had a light but nutritious breakfast with eggs, toast, and fresh fruit before packing the rest of her gear and some water and snacks for the day. She was brimming with energy and excited to see what she could do against her teammates. The school wasn't to far away and she jogged the mile or two to help her warm up in the already-warm morning air--by the time she arrived the combination of effort and humidity had caused her to sweat already, her shirt starting to cling to her muscular upper body.

"Meghan! Hey!"

Meghan spun around and beamed as Mikayla, her best friend and fellow centerfielder got out of a minivan and ran to her. They hugged and Meghan picked her up and spun her around in greeting--they hadn't seen each other in weeks.

"Mikayla, you're back! Looks like you brought enough tan with you for the both of us," she said, taking note of Mikayla's golden brown skin.

"I wouldn't miss the first day of practice for anything! And what about you?? It looks like you brought enough muscle with you for the both of us! You almost crushed me with that hug of yours."

Meghan blushed. "Oh yeah, I've been working out, but can you really notice that much?"

Mikayla nodded. "Damn straight, haven't you looked yourself in the mirror? Your arms and shoulders look like they're about to bust up your shirt, for sure."

Meghan hadn't really noticed that when she had put it on. Well, it had been kind of snug but it was a stretching material and it had eventually spread to accommodate her physique.

"Seriously, show me the guns!" She grabbed Meghan's hand and pulled it up but Meghan pulled it down quickly.

"C'mon, you know I don't really like to flex, besides it doesn't look all that good, does it?"

Mikayla grabbed her hand again. "Don't be a whiner, you look amazing! Pretty please? Do it quickly before anyone can see and maybe I won't bug you about it later.

"Ugh, fine, but don't make this a habit!"  Meghan reluctantly put her arm back up and flexed her bicep, watching Mikayla's face. She looked shocked and her free hand went to grab at the muscle.

"Holy shit, Meg, that thing is HUGE, have you been curling cars or something? I can barely get my hand on the top half!" She let go of Meghan's wrist with her other hand and tried to wrap both hands around it and was mildly successfully. "Jesus, this is crazy! And it's as hard as a rock!"

Somehow Megan blushed even redder and put her arm down, trying in vain to cover up her beefy arm by pulling down her sleeve. "Geez, you don't have to make such a big deal about it, it's not that big, really."

"Sure, uh huh, but I'll tell you something--you have more arm muscle than my boyfriend. Trust me, I just did that last night with him."

That was crazy. There was no way that could be true, he was an athlete too.

"So, what are you doing after practice. Wanna come over? We could binge some movies tonight from this summer," Mikayla said, nonchalantly changing subjects.

"I guess that would be alright--I'm supposed to have dinner with the fam but they'll understand now that you're back in town! Besides I don't have a ride home tonight anyway, maybe we could do a sleepover?"

"Deal. Well, only if you PROMISE that you'll let me inspect your new bod in full. You can't hide it from me, you know it!"

Meghan rolled her eyes and sighed. "Fine, fine! But just don't make a big deal about it today at practice, alright?"

Mikayla reluctantly agreed.

As it happens, practice went spectacularly well. There wasn't much on the schedule, mainly drills as girls started to get back into playing shape. It was fun to finally practice against other skilled players instead of doing solo footwork and dribbling drills and she found that the game had slowed down for her a little bit with one on one defensive drills. The coaches and other girls noticed her larger frame but said nothing, happy that she would be able to contribute more to the team. There was no contact for now, so she wasn't yet able to pit her strength against another girl, but they did get a glimpse of it, sort of, near the end of practice as they were taking half-pitch potshots at the goal for fun. First, all of her shots sailed over the crossbar, which didn't happen to anyone else, but the key moment was when she was running to retrieve one of her balls. An errant shot from one of the coaches hurtled toward her with surprising speed--he had taken it from just beyond the penalty area--and with her back turned it might have hit her in an unsafe space.

"Meg, watch out," the girls screamed.

"Huh?" she turned around, just in time for the soccer ball to slam into her semi-tensed midsection with a very audible thud. Everyone was surprised to see that she didn't react--she didn't fall down or grab her stomach, she didn't even step backward. The ball just bounced off and rolled away from her.

A few girls, including Mikayla, jogged over to see if she was alright.

"Damn that came flying in pretty hard, are you ok?" One of the girls grabbed at the bottom of her shirt to see if there was any bruising. As she lifted it up she gasped.

"Holy. Shit. Guys look at this!" She pulled the shirt higher revealing a big red spot on Meghan exposed stomach. Well, really, her exposed six pack. She had done tons of core work over the summer, adding weights to her routine and it paid off for her, as her rock solid abs had protected her from the hit. She blushed and tried to pulled it down but the girls had already seen it and she reluctantly pulled it up again on her own.

"What the hell, your abs look like a brick wall. Did that even hurt," one girl asked as she experimentally prodded Meghan's exposed stomach, gradually getting harder until she felt the need to start lightly punching the rock hard abs.

"Uh...not really I guess. it was pretty surprising though." More of the girls had started to take turns testing the hardness of Meghan's six pack, none punching very hard, but she blushed when she saw Mikayla jogging over.

"Look, you guys, I'm ok, seriously! It's not a big deal anyway, lots of girls have abs. Besides I have to go so I'll see everyone tomorrow!"  She hurriedly stuffed her shirt into her shorts and jogged to meet Mikayla halfway and turned her around. "Hey, we should get going and watch some movies huh?"

"What was that all about? Are you ok? Why were those girls all around--hey June, what was all that," she yelled at  a passing girl who was jogging back to her own bags.

"Meghan's got a killer bod under that shirt, make sure she shows you her abs!" June said, jogging in place before sprinting away. Meghan's face might as well have been permanently red at this point.

"Looks like you got a lot to show me tonight, then," Mikayla said with a grin.
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wellch Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016
Meg should have a fairly easy year on the soccer field.
BossRose Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This was a great read! Cant wait to see what happens at the sleepover!
CGMan Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016
I like it so far! :la:
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